Achievement listEdit

Pongo lostintranslansis

In the foreign man and woman cage, talk to the woman (Peole) on the telephone and talk to her three times about love.

Old woman
Callimico oviparus

In the cage with the old woman, blackmail Amelia Winnipeg saying you'll give her up to the police and ask for a piece of her collection.

Papio stellaris

Send videos from the space station cage to Shock.Tv three days in a row and talk to the captain's son on the third day, after her transmission.

Kamikaze wings
Galago cholesterolus

Buy food for Rick Stevens in the Activist room cage from Angelo's Heaven

Microcebus nudensis

Blackmail Leslie Dooley to give you pictures of Ashley Applegate

No nudes
Petterus supermegafan

Inform Ashley Applegate's manager that Leslie Dooley is taking pictures of the actress

Aotus chauffeurii

Blackmail Leslie Dooley to drive for you to the supermarket when you want

Prebytis freedonius

Encourage Daniel Stattler (August Henkel) to conquer the world

Mandrillus lupus

Tell Johnathan Dull to give up his life of The Shewolf of Wall Street

Children's friend
Cebus smilensis

Send a video to the CHPO of the kid crying in the porch cage

Mascot doll
Colobus corsarii

Save Jason Miles from the elevator and receive a Corsair's mascot doll

Shitty book
Lepilemur poopoo

Tell Gus' team to write a book on "fluids" + "fluids" and wait for the response (2-3 days)

Dear head
Allocebus darwiniana

Tell the hunter how to get to to the rare dear species and wait to receive his gift

Plant friend
Lemur wylonii major

Receive a book from Butcher's believers for showing them a beautiful flower​​​​

Lemur wylonii medus

Make the flower grow beautiful by doing good things

Bad plan
Lemur wylonii vulgaris

Make the flower grow dark by doing bad things

Sei lá
Gorilla clubensis minor

Answer the club's questions correctly 3 times

Sei lá 2

Gorilla clubensis medus

Answer the club's questions correctly 6 times

Sei lá 3
Gorilla clubensis major

Answer the club's questions correctly 9 times

Secret 1
Macaco amauterensis (hidden achievement)

Have 9 cages and go to the level 2

Secret 2
Macaco masteriensis (hidden achievement)

Have 16 cages and go to the level 3

Secret 3
Macaco doctoriensis (hidden achievement)

Have 25 cages and go to level 4

Aotus televisibus

Send 20 videos to in one game (they don't need to be approved)

​​​​​Propithecus molli

Uninstall MonkeyVision after the arrival of the FBI and collaborate with them

Hylobates silensis

Uninstall MonkeyVision after the arrival of the FBI and don't collaborate with them

Hapalemur dolarii

Reach 500$ or more

Não lembro
Colobus express

Uninstall MonkeyVision in the first day

Tarsius amazonius

Buy 4 items on the online store and send to anyone (it doesn't matter the items nor if they are rejected)

Não lembro 2
Ateles pencilianus

Write down a total of 190 words in one game​​​​

Mandrillus barfii

Eat 9 food items in a row

Mandrillus collector minor

Have 4 gifts in one game

Mandrillus collector medus

Have 6 gifts in one game

Mandrillus collector major

Have 8 gifts in one game

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