Cage: Elevator[edit | edit source]

Note: This page is full of spoilers. It is a stub too.

Introduction[edit | edit source]

This cage consists of an old man (Jason Miles) trapped in an elevator with a doll of the Corsairs basketball team mascot "Mr. Cannonball", composed of various pieces of cleaning equipment. Apparently, he was working in a building-in-demolition, the name of which is "Treasure Tower".

Tips[edit | edit source]

  1. Don't take too long to get information about this guy, because he will die, and you won't get any more information.
  2. He wakes up at 11 PM and goes back to sleep at 4-5 AM.
  3. His activity time can be broken down into several parts, waking up / chatting, reading, going through his biography, chatting with his friend again, and then going back to sleep. He has some silent moments between them.
  4. A lot of the valuable information is gained at the end of his activity timespan.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  1. Finding out the name of the building. You need to wait until he goes through his writing on the wall, that way you can pick out the "tallest building" hint. After that, he will talk to his the doll about basketball. You can find out the mascot's name (Mr. Cannonball), which in turn leads to the name of the area (Foggy Island) where the basketball team plays (Corsairs). Combining area name + tallest building in the ProOwl Search gives you the name of the building (Treasure Tower).
  2. Combining Treasure Tower + Janitor into ProOwl search gives the name of the janitor, Jason Miles.
  3. You must gather enough highlighted words about his favourite books to unlock the topic "romantic novels". If you want to help him, you must convince his wife you know him well, so you have to say he likes to read romance novels. It may take multiple nights to get enough keywords to form the Romance Novels word group.
  4. To save Jason, you must phone his wife during the daytime - she does not pick up at night. She will then ask you to confirm how you know him - the romance novels word group (see above). Ask to talk about Jason Miles, and you can reveal that you know where he is. She will then ask you how you found out this information:
    1. Claiming to have seen it in a crystal ball will result in her accusing you of being another hack psychic, and the case will be closed without saving Jason.
    2. Revealing how you observe people through cameras will cause her to be impressed by your honesty and allow the story to progress.
    3. Saying that the information is "out of the question" will still result in her trusting you and leads to Jason's rescue the next day.
  5. The lawyer of the property management company will contact you and try to bribe you with 300$ to retract your statement and say you are joking.
    1. Accepting the bribe will make him transfer the money. Later, the wife will call you and say how sick you are for messing with her family.
    2. Declining the bribe will make him say it was a test and you passed. After that, Jason will be saved, and the wife will call you afterwards. Jason will send you his Mr. Cannonball mascot, which sells for 120$, and give a job as a janitor which can be taken every day.
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