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This page lists news featured in The New Truth as well as conditions under which some of them appear.

The newspaper features four articles every day which are populated in the following sequence (provided that spots are available):

  1. Cage-related news;
  2. One of 13 fixed news - these appear in every playthrough;
  3. Apart from above, there is a chance to display one of 11-16 articles which only appear on certain day but not in every playthrough;
  4. All remaining spots (if any) are filled with news randomly selected from a list of 84-89 articles;
  5. A few random news are followed by not-so-random ones 1 to several days later.

Cage-related news[edit | edit source]

Cage Image News
Newspaper - Cages - Field and Train Track.png

Only one winner of the Megaprize lottery[edit | edit source]

"It was the crop circle... The circle told me!" said last night's lucky winner of 100 million dollars, who prefers to remain nameless.

Fixed news (occur on every playthrough)[edit | edit source]

Apart from covering presidential campaign with predetermined outcome, the newspaper starts covering a campaign against cybercrime (i.e. the Club) on Day 7 (non-FBI moves in downstairs the day after). The campaign's success depends on the player's chosen ending. On day 6 there's also a fixed news about new version of ProOwl Mart which prompts its installation.

Day 2[edit | edit source]

Image News
Newspaper - Election - Start.png
The electoral campaign begins

Rallies are being held and posters are going up to mark the launch of the campaign. President Walker, candidate for reelection after two decades in office, is ahead in the polls again.

Day 3[edit | edit source]

Image News
Newspaper - Trends.png
Analysts predict a dirty and hotly contested election

"All it takes is a look at election trends in the last 20 years," said an expert. "Manipulation, insults and dirty tricks have set the tone for all campaigns."

Day 4[edit | edit source]

Image News
Newspaper - Walker - Confident.png
Walker, confident of his victory

"I believe in the intelligence of the voters and the power of our democracy," the incumbent president declared during one of his first campaign rallies.

Day 5[edit | edit source]

One of the following three scenarios start:

Image News
Newspaper - Opposition - Certain.png
Triumphal rally for Dave Clark, the only candidate opposing Walker

Cheers and applause for the famous human rights activist and attorney. His platform, openly social in nature, is bringing him closer and closer to the incumbent president in pre-election polls.

Newspaper - Walker's wife - Candidate.png
President Walker's only electoral rival: his own wife

Unhappy voters accuse Walker of manipulating the nomination of the opposition party's candidate. "We can only vote for Walker or his wife now. It's a disgrace!" protested an irate voter.

Newspaper - Winkle - Rally.png
Winkle the rooster holds his first campaign rally

President Walker's only rival in this campaign, he was nominated by the opposition party in protest for the continual attacks on political freedom by the nation's government.

Day 6[edit | edit source]

Precedes automatic installation of ProOwl Mart.

Image News
Newspaper - ProOwlMart-Latest Version.png
Latest version of ProOwl Mart released today

The ProOwl online store is loaded with new features and will be automatically installed for users of the OM operating system. "This will save them time," Hexa CEO Jacob Hughes said yesterday.

Day 7[edit | edit source]

The first news about police cracking down on the Club appear:

Image News
Newspaper - CyberCrime - Fight.png
Federal police fight cybercrime

A new unit specializing in this type of crime begins operating. "We're ready to take on online crime," said a police representative.

Day 8[edit | edit source]

Scenario which started on Day 5 unfolds:

Image News
Newspaper - Opposition - Ear.png
Daughter of Dave Clark, the candidate opposing Walker, kidnapped

Her father received her severed ear as an intimidation tactic. "My rival and his family have my thoughts and prayers," said President Walker, who has refused to suspend the campaign.

Newspaper - Walker's wife - Vote for my husband.png
Elisabeth Walker Lee asks the public to vote for her husband

President Walker's only rival, his wife, made the appeal from the beachfront hotel where they are celebrating their wedding anniversary: "Don't be fools, vote for my sweetie pie."

Newspaper - Winkle - Support.png
Winkle takes a sharp turn in the polls and now ahead of Walker

Winkle has received support from thousands of unhappy citizens as a form of protest and is now leading in the polls. "We prefer a cross-eyed rooster for president over that toupee-wearing crook," one citizen said.

Day 10[edit | edit source]

Typically the scenario which starts on Day 5 ends on Day 11, but Walker's wife often withdraws on Day 10. On top of that, police crackdown on cyber crime (i.e. the Club) continues:

Image News
Newspaper - Cybercrime - Investigation.png
The Federal Police investigates a ring of cybercriminals

Extortion, robbery and trafficking in private images are among the charges facing the group. "We are not at liberty to provide further details," a police spokesperson said, "but this is major, very major."

Newspaper - Walker's wife - Withdraws Day 10.png
Elisabeth Walker Lee withdraws her candidacy

"It doesn't make sense to continue my campaign, my sweetie pie deserves to be president again," she told the press. This means President Walker will run for office unopposed.

Day 11[edit | edit source]

Scenario which started on Day 5 ends.

Image News
Newspaper - Opposition - Resigns.png
Dave Clark, only candidate opposing Walker, drops out of race

"I'm stopping my campaign for the good of my family and my daughter. And that's... that's all I have to say," he said at a press conference. President Walker will now face election unopposed.

Newspaper - Walker's wife - Withdraws Day 10.png
Elisabeth Walker Lee withdraws her candidacy

"It doesn't make sense to continue my campaign, my sweetie pie deserves to be president again," she told the press. This means President Walker will run for office unopposed.

Newspaper - Winkle - Disappears.png
Winkle's mysterious disappearance clears the way for Walker

With no trace of the rooster for several days, the opposition party has been forced to withdraw from the race. "What a shame, he was one of my most worthy opponents," Walker said at a dinner with the press.

Day 13[edit | edit source]

Final news predicting an end to the Club's activities appear.

Image News
Newspaper - Cybercrime - About To Fall.png
Cybercrime ring about to fall

"The more we investigate, the more disturbing their activities and the higher their tentacles reach," a police spokesperson told reporters. "We are very close to putting them behind bars."

Day 14[edit | edit source]

Image News
Newspaper - Election - End.png
The presidential campaign comes to a close

Walker arrives at election day unopposed and with the support of powerful social, economic and religious sectors. The winner will be announced tomorrow.

Day 15[edit | edit source]

Image News
Newspaper - Walker - Re-elected.png
President Walker re-elected (Walk re-elected in one of the scenarios)

"This is not just a personal victory. It's a victory for the people and for democracy," he declared with emotion after learning the outcome. "I love each and every one of you as if you were my own children!"

Newspaper - Whitewash.png
The government purchases thousands of gallons of correction fluid

It has also acquired hundreds of document shredders. Official sources deny any link between these actions and the International Human Rights Commission's visit to the country.

News occurring on specific days only[edit | edit source]

Day 1[edit | edit source]

Image News
Newspaper - Day01 - Wylon Founder.png
Billy Bob Wylon, the Holy Butcher, would be 100 years old today

Cheetoga Creek, the town where Billy Bob went from being a humble butcher to the founding father of the Wylon's Witnesses sect, has already announced three days of celebration in his memory.

Day 2[edit | edit source]

Image News
Newspaper - Day02 - ShockTV Ratings.png
Record ratings for Shock.Tv

The program of amateur videos with violent and sexual content is unstoppable. "This season there will be spectacular rewards for the videos with special merit," its producer announced.

Day 3[edit | edit source]

Image News

Day 4[edit | edit source]

Day 5[edit | edit source]

Day 6[edit | edit source]

Day 7[edit | edit source]

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Day 16[edit | edit source]

Random News[edit | edit source]

Image News
Newspaper - Heat Wave - Insomnia.png
Heat wave causes widespread insomnia

"High overnight temperatures are responsible for people sleeping fewer hours. This situation is causing grumpiness and episodes of acute violence," said one psychologist consulted on the matter.

Newspaper - Eating Daily.png
Eating daily considered a sign of "upper middle class" status

"Anyone who eats breakfast, lunch and dinner every day can now feel part of the social elite," announced the director of the National Institute of Sociological Sciences this morning.

Newspaper - Unwanted Pregnancies.png
Unwanted pregnancies on the rise

The figure has jumped from 38% to 51% in just one year. This indicates that more than half of all births are unplanned or the result of failure to use contraception.

Newspaper - New ProOwl.png
A new, more personalized version of ProOwl

"Our goal is to read our users' minds, and show only content that might interest them," said Jacob Hughes, CEO of Hexa, the company that owns the Internet's most widely used search engine.

Newspaper - OM - Global.png
OM, the global operating system

According to the Global Digital Media Survey, the Hexa operating system accounts for 95% of the global market. "OM is our first angle, our company's crown jewel," Jacob Hughes proudly declared.

Newspaper - TV Consumption.png
Television consumption continues to rise

Last year the weekly consumption hours per viewer increased from 14 to 19. The two corporations that own all the national networks attribute this change to high quality programming.

Random news which have follow-ups[edit | edit source]

To be populated

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