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Introduction Edit

Fridge Closed

The fridge is a game element which is used primarily to store food. It has stickers on the front for buying or ordering food as well as a drip coffee machine on the top. There is a hidden message beside it which can only be seen when panning between room screens. The fridge is also used to store one of the items for Room 36.

Contents Edit

The following items can be stored in or on the fridge:

Fridge Opened
  • coffee $6, +10 Zzz, +2 food, -2 health
    • pizza $18, +22 food, -1 health
    • hot dogs $6, +12 food, -2 health
  • Chinese food $14, +22 food, -2 health
  • chicken $15, +15 food, +0 health
  • fruits $6, +2 food, +2 health
  • yogurt $4, +2 food, +1 health
  • Live Heart in green liquid inside a jar (received from Stan Lee courier)

Hidden message Edit

There is a following message to the left of the fridge:

The Chariot The Sun The Star The World

They are the names of Tarot Major Arcana and, as such, have multiple and/or vague meanings. Taking into account their sequence, one of the interpretations could be:

The Chariot Edit

This card is about keeping going on and succeeding through commitment and hard work.

The Sun Edit

This card represents the Universe coming together and helping you on your path to something bigger.

The Star Edit

This card is about inspiration, renewed hope and a sense that you are blessed by the Universe.

The World Edit

This card represents an ending to a cycle of life, a pause in life before the next big cycle starts.

Albeit vague, the cycle represented by these four cards can be attributed to a typical research of a cage - once set on observing a monkey (the Chariot), the player gets some progress putting clues together (the Sun) until they are all exhausted which is then often alleviated by certain events or changes, causing a renewed interest (the Star) and eventual closure of the cage (the World).

This set, however, feels incomplete without the Fool card which represents new beginnings, being inexperienced, not knowing what to expect, and improvising.

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